Accelerating Growth Through Continuous Improvement

Certification Testimonials

“Thank you, James and Jerry. I learned a lot from this course. I look forward to continuing my project under these lean principles. My biggest takeaway was the importance of going to the Gemba to show the employees that you care about them and their work, while also enabling them to contribute and grow.”

Thomas Rodrigues,
Commercial Metals Company

“Thank you, James and Jerry for everything throughout the course. The certification and reference materials you provided will be valuable as I progress throughout my career. I’m transitioning into a project manager role in June. I will be able to leverage what I learned as I move much closer to the gemba!”

Matt Marone,
BAE Systems

“I’ve received Lean training before, but wanted to let you know that this program is the most informative Lean training I’ve ever participated in. The training has helped me make sustainable improvements to my processes as a warehouse manager and logistics specialist.”

Tony Brown,
BAE Systems

“Thanks guys! I really had fun during this course you guys made it very interesting and interactive. The Lean culture’s motto: blame the process not the employee has definitely opened my eyes on how I may be able to fix some of these processes to make it easier and more efficient for myself and the employees.”

Adam Burkholder,
Rulon International

“Thank you for a great class! Lean Thinking’s Blame the process, not the people mindset resonates with me. I now quote this every time I see an opportunity for improvement. I learned that focusing on eliminating waste, workplace organization, and visual standard work are the answer to the question: “We want to do it (Lean) but how do I get started?” Then you have to Sustain: Always seek ways to continuously improve, never accept the status quo as good enough.”

Bill Holmes,
Seal Shield

“This certification has opened my eyes up a lot and seeing things in a different way. I will continue to work with my team on improvement and see what other changes we can get implemented here in the near future.”

Matt Facemyer,

“This course has helped me think of many ways on how to improve things. I really enjoyed Jerry and James’s style and how they blend Lean concepts with real-world examples.”

Jerome Foster,
Coastal Shower Doors

“This training is a great opportunity! I’ve learned so much from James and Jerry and highly recommend this course. It will change your organization for the better.

Michelle Reaves,
Clay County Sheriff’s Office