Accelerating Growth Through Continuous Improvement

Our Services

1. Lean Transformation Support

  • Assist senior leadership teams with creating overall Lean transformation strategy and operating system customized to its organization’s vision and objectives.
  • Facilitate impactful rapid improvement events and train internal Lean change agents
  • Engage and align employees at all levels in continuous improvement initiatives.
  • Provide organizations with the necessary internal capability to effectively sustain Lean transformation without need for outside consultants.

2. Lean Certification Training

  • We offer four (4) levels of Lean certification training focused on the development of the internal facilitators and leaders necessary to effectively guide and accelerate your organization’s Lean transformation process.
  • More information on each level.

3. Lean Leadership and Change Management Coaching

  • Customized individual coaching support on change management and Lean leadership behaviors.
  • On-going leadership development plans.
  • Feedback and performance reviews.
  • One-one coaching sessions.
  • Gemba walk mentoring with real-time feedback.

4. Workshops

We offer the following workshops (virtually and on-site)

  • Lean Awareness for Executives (half day)
  • Change Management (full day)
  • Strategy Deployment (full day)
  • Leadership Standard Work (half day)
  • Lean Safety (full day)
  • Lean Construction (Full day)
  • Lean Meetings and Communication (half day