Accelerating Growth Through Continuous Improvement

Our Approach

  • Led by team of experienced Lean transformation leaders who achieve consistent, sustainable results at enterprise-level.
  • Leverage Lean systems and methods to help organization achieve operational excellence.
  • Proven, hands-on, systematic 2-year implementation approach generating significant, tangible results against designated targets.
  • Objective is to provide organizations with necessary guidance and support over 2-year engagement, ensuring it acquires self-sufficient internal capability to sustain Lean transformation over long-haul.
Two Pillars


  • Executive leadership with developing Lean transformation plan, creating Lean steering committee, and implementing strategy deployment.
  • Steering committee with accelerating organization’s Lean transformation plan, developing Lean operating system, and targeting areas to pilot and then spread improvements


  • Lean awareness workshop for executive leadership team to communicate expectations, necessary resources, and to create buy-in.
  • Lean awareness training for employees at all levels of organization.
  • Impactful rapid improvement events that deliver tangible results.
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Coach and Develop

  • Executive leaders, steering committee members, and others in change management, systems thinking, leadership behaviors, and Lean culture.
  • Effective problem solvers at all levels.
  • Internal Lean leaders, champions, facilitators, and practitioners responsible for driving continuous improvement throughout organization.
Lean Transformation Model-High Level