Character is like a tree and reputation like its shadow: the shadow is what we think of it: the tree is the real thing.

A. Lincoln

The Book

Anatomy of a Lean Leader by Jerry Bussell will be available October 1st!

“In Anatomy of a Lean Leader, Jerry Bussell draws from his rich lifetime of learning and wealth of stories from the gemba to weave together important lessons from exemplary lean leaders such as Paul O’Neill, Shad Kahn, and John Toussaint. Jerry shares his own moments of truth, tough choices, and lessons learned, as well as those of his mentors.”

John Shook, Chairman and CEO, Lean Enterprise Institute and Author, Managing to Learn

About the Book

Lean organizations require special traits from leaders, who serve the people even while guiding the organization toward fulfilling its true purpose. In many ways, this is a new definition of leadership. In this book, Jerry Bussell identifies the ten essential characteristics of a lean leader and illustrates those traits with stories from modern CEO’s and one of this country’s greatest leaders, Abraham Lincoln. This book will help leaders focus on the behaviors and attitudes that are essential to creating the kind of continuous open-loop of improvement activities that is the heart of lean thinking.

Executive Interviews

Jim Treace – Chairman and CEO of Xomed Surgical Products

Keith Williams – President and CEO of Underwriters Laboratories

Robert Chapman – Chairman and CEO of Barry-Wehmiller Companies, Inc.

Dr. Sami Bahri – “First Lean Dentist” and owner of Bahri Dental Group

John Toussaint, M.D. – CEO of the ThedaCare Center for Healthcare Value


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