Accelerating Growth Through Continuous Improvement

What is lean thinking?

Lean Thinking (“Lean”) is an organization-wide strategy, applicable to every business in every sector, focused on delivering ever more value, as defined by the customer, through continuous improvement of processes to eliminate waste.

Lean does this by engaging people at all levels of the organization every day to improve their work, and their work experience for the benefit of the customer.

Lean Transformation Model-High Level

Lean Transformation Model - high level

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Accelerate Improvement with Lean Thinking

Layer 1

Burning platform.

Layer 2

Seek voice of the customer.

Layer 3

Align organization under common goal.

Layer 4

Leverage visual standard work.

Layer 5

Improve problem solving capability at all levels.

Layer 6

Target impactful improvements & set stretch goals.

Why Lean Thinking?

Layer 2

Customer Satisfaction

Layer 3

Engage / Develop People

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Eliminate Waste

Layer 5

Optimize Inventory

Layer 6

Increase Profitability

Lean Culture

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